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Mentoring & Advisory

Have you launched your RegTech business and feel that you might benefit from some support and guidance?

Product & Market Strategy

Understand your product-market fit, and make informed decisions about your strategy and market approach.

Marketing & PR

Establish your brand and let potential buyers know about your unique solutions to industry challenges.


We have a team of real people to help you find and engage prospects, and work the pipeline of opportunities.

Sales Back Office

Our sales back-office can be your back-office! We can write and customize proposals, and follow-up prospects.

International Strategy

Are you looking at where to go next? We do everything from market analysis to being your in market representative.


The development of technology capability has long been a priority for the Canadian government, with Canada being a clear leader in artificial intelligence and cyber-security. Canada has a long history of stable financial regulation, being virtually unaffected by the 2008 financial crisis.

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United States

There can be no getting away from the fact that the United States is by far the biggest market for RegTech products and services in the world. Easy access to clients, venture capital, and entrepreneurial-focus the United States can be very attractive for all kinds of technology business. 

Front London
United Kingdom

London is the second largest financial centre in the world, second only to New York City, and therefore represents a great opportunity for anyone offering services to the regulated financial sector. The UK has long been a target market of choice for RegTech firms wanting to expand.


Be ready to run with strong value propositions and positioning in your target markets
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Our Expertise

We provide practical assistance to RegTech firms to grow their businesses, positioning their products and services to gain more rapid market traction. 

Our team have a deep subject matter knowledge in brand building and awareness, market analysis, go-to-market strategy, commercial and pricing strategies, sales process development and execution, internationalization, and business growth strategies.

When you are ready to go to new markets, we can help you determine which markets to look at and to understand what is involved in market entry.

Whether you are a new start-up with grand aspirations, or an established firm who need assistance to realize your strategy, the RegTech Accelerator is your one-stop-shop for growing, scaling and internationalizing your RegTech business.

Create a pipeline of opportunities and turn them into real revenue with our Sales Accelerator and Back Office services

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Latest Insights
Can you grow your RegTech firm during a pandemic?

With a second wave of the virus now sweeping through Europe, and no signs of the virus going away in the United States, firms are facing the reality that we are now living in the “new normal”. Many smaller firms have really felt the weight of economic downturn and recession. With many technology firms worrying about how to survive, is it possible to think about growth?

Front Cyber
Digital transformation or cybersecurity disaster?

The rapid development of the COVID-19 pandemic has led firms into taking very quick decisions to change their operating models, potentially exposing themselves, and their clients to new risks. Confidentiality, cybersecurity and privacy risks are particularly concerning, and expose firms to potential reputational damage, regulatory fines and legal issues.

Increase your visibility, and make more sales

Are you struggling to get noticed in the market?  Not making enough sales?  The RegTech Accelerator is here to help. Our Sales and Marketing Accelerator can manage your marketing campaigns and generate real leads, our team can sell on your behalf, and our Sales Back Office can manage the pipeline, write proposals, respond to RFPs, and follow-up with prospects for you.