Our sales team can be your sales team!


You have a great product, solution, or service which addresses a real market need. You know there is a huge potential for your business, but perhaps you are wondering how to get seen by your target market. It is well known that when selling enterprise technology products, it can take 12 (or more) contacts to make a sale - this can be a challenge when you focused on developing your products and services.

Our sales team can be your sales team. We will work to generate leads, represent or accompany you to sales meetings, write proposals, follow up, and close real deals. We keep you informed of our progress through regular meetings and updates.

Making the first contact is often the hardest part of the journey

Initial Contact

Working hand-in-hand with our marketing activities, we track engagement with marketing lead-generation content to identify potential buyers with both a need and an intent to buy a particular product or service. Our sales team will initiate the first contact with the potential lead, attempting to engage and to qualify the opportunity.

Once the contact has been established, we can either pass the lead on to your own sales team to follow-up with more detailed discussion about the business need and how you can help, or alternatively, we can manage and nurture the lead on your behalf.  

Every buyer has their own journey, and may be at different stages of that journey when we first contact them. It is important that once the first contact has been made that the relationship continues to be built and maintained.

Managing the pipeline and nurturing prospects takes time and effort

Pipeline Management

So many times firms will make contact with a potential buyer, only to let the relationship go stale and die before a sale could be made. We work hard to make sure that even if a lead is not 'hot' at a particular time, that the lead is maintained through nurturing until a particular need or level of engagement has been established.

We can augment regular follow-up calls and through sharing materials including product brochures, case studies, and white papers with the prospects, we can continue the discussion. We both create and strategically use content as a way to stimulate the potential buyers' thought process.

Nurturing takes time and effort, and through outsourcing this activity to us, you free your own team to concentrate on unique business activities which can only be done by your own team.

Closing the deal is the prize we are all looking for!

Deal Closing

Through diligently sticking with a lead throughout their buyer journey, understanding their priorities and intents, and nurturing through custom content, we come to closing the deal. 

Our sales team are well versed in the enterprise sales process, and are ready to engage and answer questions throughout the process. For RFP-based sales activities, we are able to help you through the process, providing the necessary answers and information to position you as a leader and viable partner of the target organization.

We are able to work with you to offer product demos, custom proposals, and pricing negotiations, and assist you with the prospects' own supplier on-boarding and due diligence activities to ultimately close the deal.

It can be useful to have access to someone well experienced in technology sales


Every so often, you have an opportunity for what could be an amazing sales opportunity with what would be a major key account. You want to make sure that your firm, product, or service is presented at its very best. We are able to work with you to refine and polish your presentation and demo materials, identifying and working with key triggers which will convince the prospect that you are a serious contender for their business. 

If required, we are also able to accompany you to meetings with prospects or clients where you would like to have an expert in the room with you as a part of your team. We will plan the approach and execute together to get the best result. We are able to participate remotely through well-known video conferencing tools, or, in subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions, even attend an in person meeting with you.