Find prospects that have a real appetite to buy!

Sales Accelerator

You have a great product, solution, or service which addresses a real market need. You know there is a huge potential for your business, but perhaps you are wondering how to get seen by your target market. It is well known that when selling enterprise technology products, it can take 12 (or more) contacts to make a sale - this can be a challenge when you focused on developing your products and services.

Our sales accelerator service offers the complete solution to the challenge of scaling your sales operation. We will work with you to define and agree on the approach and go-to-market strategy. Our team will work to generate leads, represent or accompany you to sales meetings, write proposals, follow up, and close real deals. We keep you informed of our progress through regular meetings and updates.

We use our deep industry knowledge and expertise to identify and engage prospects that not only have an interest in your products, but also a need and an appetite to buy!

We run virtual workshops with you to define your product/market strategy and to plan and agree your go-to-market approach.
Our marketing team can create carefully crafted content to be used at the right time and place in the customer journey.
We engage with leads to determine their real needs, pain points, and intent. We nurture through regular contact.
Back Office
We write personalized responses, write sales proposals, follow up to keep the opportunity alive, and to close the deal!