By working with multiple clients we are able to achieve increased efficiencies

Sales Back-Office

The sales process requires a significant amount of back-office work activity, be that in writing sales proposals, following up with prospects, arranging calls and meetings, or writing detailed responses to bids, RFPs, and RFIs. These activities can easily eat up hours of your team's time, potentially distracting them from other important business activities.

Our back-office can be your back office. We have put together a team of experienced professionals who are able to carry out back-office functions on your behalf. They are able to work and represent themselves as a part of your team, meticulously performing these important activities. By working with multiple clients, we are able to achieve increased efficiencies and economies of scale, and can often save money over using your own expensive staff for these tasks.

Quality sales proposals are a must when selling

Proposal Writing

Creating and customizing sales proposals is a time consuming task, even if you have templates already in place. It is vital then, when a prospect who has an intent to buy receives a formal proposal from your company, that it really represents the offer in the most compelling way.

We are able to create well designed and thought out templates for key product or service offerings. We will include key positioning statements which will help the buyer understand what they are getting for their money, and the real value that your product or service will bring to them. We include all the standard features, including product support and maintenance, terms of business, and so forth.

Our team can customize each proposal for the particular prospect, bringing out key points which will engage and encourage the prospect to buy from you.

Following up on meetings and proposals is a time consuming activity


It is vital during the buyer's journey that the prospect be kept engaged and that your company and its products and services remain at the top of the buyer's mind when thinking about the need and their intent to buy. Following up with the prospect after meetings and ensuring that materials provided meets the buyer's expectations is paramount in maintaining this important relationship.

That said, following up on emails and meetings can take a huge amount of time and effort, and sales people are not always treated with priority when calling or emailing the prospective buyer. Our team will perform follow-up activities on your behalf, maintaining detailed records of all contacts with prospect.

Some of the largest accounts you can win are found through RFI, RFP and bid processes

RFI, RFP & Bid Responses

These are already qualified buyers with a need and a clear intent to buy. It is absolutely vital that when responding in these processes that the firm presents itself at its best. Firms need to demonstrate that not only are they able to meet the specific technology requirements of the client, but also show that they are able to handle and service the size of key account that is on offer. These processes often have strict rules associated with the level of engagement with decision makers, and therefore it is vital that all responses represent the firm perfectly, as many of the usual sales engagement methods will not be available to use during the process.

Our team has experience on both sides of the fence, having both run RFP processes from the buyer perspective, as well as having won major key accounts through quality responses. We can work with you to fully understand the requirements, position questions in order to get the most important information from the potential client, and of course, we can help you to craft your final response and pricing offer to put your best foot forward.