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The RegTech Accelerator is the one-stop-shop for growing and scaling your RegTech, LegalTech, RiskTech, GRC, or regulatory compliance service business. We provide practical assistance to firms, positioning their products, and services to gain more rapid market traction. 

Our team have a deep subject matter knowledge in brand building and awareness, market analysis, go-to-market strategy, commercial and pricing strategies, sales process development and execution, and business growth strategies.

We have worked in startup businesses, and have lived through the experience of growing and scaling a technology business. With our deep subject-matter knowledge, and experience in growing businesses we are uniquely positioned to help you to take your business to the next level.

What We Offer

Our Services

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Our deep understanding of the regulatory technology industry, together with our experience in brand building and awareness, market analysis, go-to-market strategy, commercial and pricing strategies, sales process development and execution, internationalization, and business growth strategies we are able to help firms to grow and to scale by achieving real results.

Mentoring & Advisory

We have some of the best mentors and advisors in the industry who will accompany you and your leadership team through the journey of growing and scaling a business.

Market Strategy

We enable you to align your propositions with the needs of the market, and to make informed decisions about your market strategy.

Marketing & PR

Our marketing team will help you to establish and position your brand, inform potential buyers about your unique solutions to their challenges, and to generate real leads.


Our team of sales people will find and engage real prospects for your products and services. We manage and work the sales pipeline, turning prospects into real sales.

Back Office

Running your own sales back office can be expensive. Our sales back-office can be your back-office! We will customize proposals, respond to RFIs and RFPs, and follow up.

International Strategy

When you are ready to explore new markets, we can assist with everything from market analysis to being your in-market representative. We enable you to win new markets.

Who are We?

About Us

We are experts in the use of technology in regulatory compliance and have personal experience in scaling and internationalizing technology firms. We take a pragmatic approach knowing that every business is different, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We plan how we will work together, defining each phase of the project, setting out clear milestones and goals to be achieved in the delivery of your target objectives.

Our Approach
First of all, we take the time to understand where you are as a business, understanding where you have been particularly successful. We work with you to define clear objectives outlining what we will aim to achieve together.
Our Philosophy

We believe that technology is the key to transforming regulatory compliance. By implementing the right technology firms can start to change the perception of compliance into one which can lower costs, increase margin, and profitability.

Our programs are tailor-made to achieve specific growth goals

Our Acceleration Programs

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12-Week Program

Our 12-week acceleration program is designed to enable firms to achieve a specific business objective in a compressed time period. We are able to help you to achieve different growth scenarios, including defining new products or services, entering new industry verticals and new sectors, and help with enter new markets.

Sales Accelerator

Our sales acceleration program offers the complete solution to the challenge of scaling your sales operation. We will work with you to define and agree on the approach and go-to-market strategy. We will work to generate leads, represent, or accompany you to sales meetings, write proposals, and close real deals.

Market Research

Our team is constantly scanning the market to understand current trends, where the focus of different firms across a variety of industries lies, and most importantly, where money is being spent. It is essential to make decisions based on valuable information which will enable you to be smart about how you apply your resources.

Are you ready to take on new markets?

Internationalize Your Business

You have established your business in a particular geographic market, and perhaps you are wondering what opportunities there might be for your firm in other markets. We work with firms to help them to understand what the market for their product or service could look like in another geographical region. 

When you are ready to go to new markets, we can help you determine which markets to look at, and to understand what is involved in market entry. We can help you to understand and apply market information to your particular case, plan your internationalization strategy, introduce you to the market and key market actors in order to perform market testing, as well as represent you as you make the first steps into the new market.

Our international experience covers a wide geographical area, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Central and Southern Europe.

Our local in-market teams are here to help

Our Locations

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The development of technology capability has long been a priority for the Canadian government, with Canada being a clear leader in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence capability.

Canada can be a lower cost and lower risk way for firms to enter the North American market.

United States

There can be no getting away from the fact the United States is by far the biggest market for RegTech products and services in the world, making the US a key market for RegTech firms.

Easy access to clients, venture capital, and entrepreneurial focus, the United States can be incredibly attractive for all technology businesses. 

Need a little extra help closing deals?

Sales and Back-Office Services

Our sales team can be your sales team. We will work to generate leads, represent or accompany you to sales meetings, write proposals, follow up, and close real deals. We keep you informed of our progress through regular meetings and updates. 

Our back-office team carries out back-office functions on your behalf. They can work and represent themselves as a part of your team, meticulously performing these important activities. By working with multiple clients, we are able to achieve increased efficiencies and economies of scale.

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Our thoughts on industry trends and market observations

Latest Insights

Digital transformation & cybersecurity disasters

The rapid development of the COVID-19 pandemic has led firms into taking very quick decisions to change their operating models, potentially exposing themselves, and their clients to new risks. Confidentiality, cybersecurity, and privacy risks are particularly concerning, and expose firms to potential reputational damage, regulatory fines, and legal issues.

Growing your business in a pandemic

With a second wave of the virus now sweeping through Europe, and no signs of the virus going away in the United States, firms are facing the reality that we are now living in the “new normal”. Many smaller firms have really felt the weight of economic downturn and recession. With many technology firms worrying about how to survive, is it possible to think about growth?

Increase your visibility and make more sales

Are you struggling to get noticed in the market?  Not making enough sales?  The RegTech Accelerator is here to help. Our Sales and Marketing Accelerator can manage your marketing campaigns and generate real leads. Our team can sell on your behalf, and our Sales Back Office can manage the pipeline, write proposals, respond to RFPs, and follow-up with prospects.